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First Name: Reizo
Last Name: Raine
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5'4" feet (163 cm)
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Amber
Nationality: Chinese Canadian
Birthday: June 18
Release Date: June 18, 2011
Character Item: Refrigerator
Favourite Food: Spring Rolls
Likes: The cold, Being alone, Refrigerators
Dislikes: Being teased

UTAU wiki


A kuudere; Doesn't talk unless spoken to or unless he needs to, and he tends to speak whatever is on his mind without thinking twice. He also has a tendency to speak the obvious, usually bringing up the negative in situations. He usually acts emotionless and calm, even to Rena.


As an UTAU creation...

  • Reizo and Rena's personalities are both loosely based on their creator.
  • His fridge obsession is due to his name meaning 'refridgerator'. This was not intentional at first, but the creator decided to play along with it.
  • As a character...

  • There is a misconception that he and Rena are brother/sister. He was NOT meant to be the blood sibling of Rena (and he isn't, though he looks it). However, facts may change for certain songs, and they can be thought of as brother/sister by the viewer (just not blood related).
  • His favourite colour is amber and black.
  • Has a strong obsession to refrigerators, which he has named "Fridgey".
  • Depicted as being emotionless and calm; a kuudere. Except with Fridgey, which he shows his sweet, loving side to.
  • Academically smart, average at sports.
  • Can act a bit tsundere when called cute or teased - he doesn't like it.
  • Usually prefers peace, but will attack you with his Fridgey if you provoke him.
  • Plays the piano.
  • He loves playing video games when he's not hanging out with Fridgey.
  • Secretly wears glasses.
  • Hates it when Jet teases him.

  • Designs

    Raine Rena V2